Manoir de Contres - Victor et Maria Orsenne with masks
Vic­tor et Maria Orsen­ne with masks

Other than the strict hygie­ne rules of HACCP that have been appli­ed in our hotel sin­ce the begin­ning, we have added all fur­ther safe­ty mea­su­res neces­sa­ry to your health, and ours, during this re-ope­ning pha­se after the pan­de­mic shutdown.


A touch-free hand dis­in­fec­tant is at your dis­po­sal at the entrance.

Guests are kind­ly reques­ted to wear a face mask in the ele­va­tor, the ent­rance hall and the stair­ca­se. To ensu­re the neces­sa­ry distance we do not per­so­nal­ly accom­pa­ny guests into their room upon arrival.

You will find your dis­in­fec­ted room key in your room.


Dis­in­fec­tant hand wipes are at your dis­po­sal in every bath­room. To avo­id any risk of spre­a­ding the dise­a­se you will be the only per­sons to enter your room for the dura­ti­on of your stay.

Each room will have been tho­rough­ly clea­ned and dis­in­fec­ted befo­re your arri­val, and we shall pro­ce­de again to do so after your departure.

You will find a suf­fi­ci­ent stock of clean towels and hand wipes in your room.


A touch-free hand dis­in­fec­tant gel is at your dis­po­sal at the entrance.

The num­ber of tables has been redu­ced by half to ensu­re the distance bet­ween cus­to­mers. While ser­ving we wear a face mask. The menu and the wine list are dis­play­ed on a black­board pla­ced in front of your table. On the out­side ter­race it is not com­pul­so­ry to wear a face mask. The­re, too, the tables are set at the neces­sa­ry distance from each other.