Manoir de Contres - Victor et Maria Orsenne with masks
Victor et Maria Orsenne with masks

Other than the strict hygiene rules of HACCP that have been applied in our hotel since the beginning, we have added all further safety measures necessary to your health, and ours, during this re-opening phase after the pandemic shutdown.


A touch-free hand disinfectant is at your disposal at the entrance.

Guests are kindly requested to wear a face mask in the elevator, the entrance hall and the staircase. To ensure the necessary distance we do not personally accompany guests into their room upon arrival.

You will find your disinfected room key in your room.


Disinfectant hand wipes are at your disposal in every bathroom. To avoid any risk of spreading the disease you will be the only persons to enter your room for the duration of your stay.

Each room will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your arrival, and we shall procede again to do so after your departure.

You will find a sufficient stock of clean towels and hand wipes in your room.


A touch-free hand disinfectant gel is at your disposal at the entrance.

The number of tables has been reduced by half to ensure the distance between customers. While serving we wear a face mask. The menu and the wine list are displayed on a blackboard placed in front of your table. On the outside terrace it is not compulsory to wear a face mask. There, too, the tables are set at the necessary distance from each other.